NPMB 3.0 Launched: All new website is now live

npmblogo3bThe all new NPMB 3.0 website is here, and you’re reading one of the first news posts on the live site.

The process of getting the new website set up and ready for the forum migration took a bit longer than expected – as things often do. Hopefully, it has been worth the delay to make sure that most everything is working as it should.

Here are a few new or changed aspects of the website: now runs on the WordPress backend. WordPress is the most used blogging tool in the world – but it’s much more than that – and it is used to run very large and popular websites. It is very robust, actively developed, routinely updated, has very good website security, and a track record that just celebrated 10 years.

All new forum system. NPMB has migrated all past forum posts to a brand new forum system. The new forums offer a lot of new features – and they look great, too. It will take just a bit of getting used to, but NPMB users should find the new features worth it. For instance: users can now easily attach photos and videos to posts!

All new photo albums. The new photo albums provide a much more user friendly experience. Uploading photos is now very easy. Viewing the photos is now a pleasure with an integrated lightbox feature with left and right navigation arrows, and full-window viewing. All of the photos from the old website were imported as well – those can be found in the Legacy Photos album.

All new events calendar. The new events calendar is easier to view and search. It also allows NPMB users to easily add events to share with the paddling community.

All new registration system. The new registration system is a lot easier for new users to get set up with an account, and for current users who have lost or forgotten their password. And, it’s easier for the NPMB administrator.

Revived: Paddler Spotlight. When this feature was introduced a few years ago, it was well received, but neglected. NPMB would like to see it become more active. The mission of The NPMB Paddler Spotlight is to honor paddlers for their special contributions to the paddling community.

New look and feel. The clean style of NPMB 3.0 is a nice fresh change from the old website. The website header now features images from the past NPMB Calendars. The home page now shows recent activity and news. There is less clutter now with only one sidebar on the right side, and a wider area for the forums and other content. All of the informational and supporting pages have been remade – the weather page is quite nice now.

Modern responsive design. The theme and supporting functions of NPMB 3.0 have been selected and implemented to provide an enjoyable experience over a wide range of browsing devices. NPMB 3.0 is easy to view using desktop or laptop computers, tablets, e-readers, and smart phones. (note: presently, the forums may be a bit wonky on smart phones – but a new mobile specific version of the forums will be coming out in the near future)

I hope you enjoy the all new NPMB 3.0

Happy Paddling!

Wayne Mercier
NPMB Founder and Site Administrator


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